• Blofin has launched a Vietnamese language service to improve the experience for local users.
• Vietnam has emerged as the leader in cryptocurrency adoption worldwide, with 21% of its population reportedly owning cryptocurrencies.
• Blofin is actively reaching out to Vietnamese influencers, projects, and local crypto communities to enhance user engagement.

Blofin Eases Access to Vietnamese Market

Blofin has launched a new Vietnamese language service to facilitate better access and user experience for customers in the country. The company has collaborated with affiliates, start-ups, and customers to further cryptocurrency adoption within the Vietnamese market by utilizing its trading system.

Vietnam Leads Global Crypto Adoption Ranking

According to the 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index, Vietnam is leading in cryptocurrency adoption worldwide, with 21% of its population reported owning digital currencies. People in Vietnam are using digital currencies for remittances, as a hedge against fiat currency volatility and other financial requirements unique to their economy.

Blofin Dedicated To Meeting Local Needs

In order to meet the needs of its growing user base in Vietnam, Blofin has developed a full-featured product available in Vietnamese. To strengthen relationships with the local community even more and attract more users, Blofin is reaching out to influencers, projects, and crypto communities within Vietnam. Additionally, there are support administrators dedicated solely towards addressing questions from clients based in Vietnam so that they have an enjoyable experience while investing in cryptocurrencies through Blofin’s platform.

Blofin’s CEO Proud Of Country’s Success

The CEO of Blofin expressed his pride at how far Vietnam had come with regards to cryptocurrency adoption within such a short period of time — all under three years! He also noted that Blofin was delighted at being able to provide dependable and accurate trading platforms for their customers based in Vietnam so that they may meet their needs accordingly.

Vietnamese Language Support Now Available

The new language support feature is now available on both the website as well as on apps which can be downloaded from respective app stores online. With this feature added on top of other benefits provided by Blofin such as helpful customer support and full featured products tailored specifically for users based in Vietnam — it appears that many more people will be looking towards investing via this platform going forward!

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