• Patricia Ibarra is the latest victim of a crypto scam, losing as much as $27,000 to the firm.
• The alleged perpetrators – led by Mauricio Chavez – specifically targeted members of the Latino community and promised anywhere between 15 and 20 percent returns.
• Ibarra feels guilty for getting her friends and family involved in the scheme, but also warns others to be careful when investing.

Crypto Scam Victim: Patricia Ibarra

Patricia Ibarra is the most recent victim of a crypto scam where she lost as much as $27,000 to the firm. She feels bad about this situation, especially with getting some of her own friends and family members involved in it.

Targeting Members of Latino Community

The alleged perpetrators were led by Mauricio Chavez who specifically targeted members of the Latino community and promised them anywhere between 15 and 20 percent returns. An event was organized by a group called Association for Justice Against CFX calling out these perpetrators which they believe have stolen money from 7,000 individuals in Illinois alone.

False Claims Made by Mauricio Chavez

Mauricio Chavez has been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with violating antifraud provisions. He offered classes for people wanting to learn about crypto but was not qualified nor licensed enough to teach these classes. He made false claims that his courses birthed several millionaires which he could not prove at all.

FOMO Led to Investment

Ibarra initially had doubts about investing after her son warned her that it was a scam but eventually gave in after 6 months due to fear of missing out (FOMO). This case serves as an example for everyone else who wants to invest as they should always do their research before making any decisions or investments into any type of business venture or project.

Takeaway Message

Ibarra’s situation serves as a reminder for us all when it comes to investing: always do your research first before committing! It’s better safe than sorry, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before taking any risks or losses like Patricia Ibarra did here.

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