Bitcoin (BTC) announcer and renowned bullish Max Keiser has reprimanded Warren Buffett, a veteran investor, in a tweet released on June 8.

Keiser claimed that users of the popular Robinhood stock trading and crypto-currency application had stolen Buffett’s money by capitalizing on his recent losses in the airline industry. He also suggested that profits from Buffett’s ill-timed stock sales were being invested in Bitcoin.

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Stealing from Buffett
In early May, Buffett told Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that he had sold all of the airline’s shares, leaving it at a huge loss, due to fears that the industry would not recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

But users of the zero-commission Robinhood business application jumped at the chance and bought, taking shares in both Delta and American Airlines, according to the Business Insider.

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As the airline’s stock began to rise since then, Keiser talked about his old enemy, claiming that Robinhood users had „stolen“ his money „by creating wealth for poor Generation Z kids. He went on to suggest that the users:

„Pick up the corpse of Warren Buffett’s career; reserve large profits on their ill-timed stock sales, and then invest that money in Bitcoin“

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A story of animosity
Keiser has a history of animosity towards Buffett, who in the past famously described Bitcoin as „rat poison squared“. Last month he suggested that Buffett’s stance on Bitcoin had „killed his reputation.“

However, even U.S. President Donald Trump has admonished Buffett for selling his airline shares, saying he made a mistake.

For its part, the Robinhood app is going from strength to strength; it has raised $280 million to exceed its funding targets in a recent round of funding.

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