• The United Kingdom is suggesting that crypto trading be regulated the same as gambling.
• The idea is that investing in crypto can be addictive, and proper rules must be established to protect traders from themselves.
• Some are not happy with this suggestion, believing it should not be governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

United Kingdom Wants Crypto Trading Regulated as Gambling

The United Kingdom has suggested that cryptocurrency trading should be regulated in the same way as gambling activities. This is because U.K. authorities believe investing in crypto can be quite addictive, and thus traders won’t always know when to stop. It is hoped that necessary rules will help protect people from themselves. However, some are unhappy about this suggestion, believing it should not be governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Why Crypto Trading Resembles Gambling

Investing in digital assets such as bitcoin or Ethereum can often seem like a gamble. When you buy these coins or tokens, you never know exactly where they will go – whether up or down. This concept of uncertainty mirrors what happens when one sits at a blackjack table – you could win big or lose it all in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the U.K.’s decision to regulate crypto trading like gambling makes sense as a way to protect consumers from potential harm and encourage innovation within the financial services industry.

What Regulations Could Be Put In Place?

At this stage, no specific regulations have been put into place regarding cryptocurrency trading yet; these are merely suggestions being presented to Parliament for consideration firstly before any changes can go ahead. If these rules were passed then they would likely influence future regulations within other countries too including those within Europe’s MiCA framework recently put forth by the European Union (EU).

Opposition To The Proposal

Not everyone agrees with this proposal however; a special committee under the Treasury has released a report claiming that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology should not fall under FCA regulation due to their lack of intrinsic value and huge price volatility which do not bring any discernible social good either.. They feel that it would make more sense for them to remain unregulated instead of attempting to control them through existing institutions such as FCA.


Overall, while there is still much debate surrounding how best to regulate cryptocurrency trading, most agree that some kind of protection needs to be put in place for consumers looking at investing in digital assets such as bitcoin or Ethereum so they don’t get taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge on what could potentially happen with their investments.. Whether this comes through regulating them similarly to gambling activities remains uncertain but only time will tell what route both U.K., EU and international regulators decide upon ultimately for crypto asset investments going forward

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